Black & Brass

An upscale take on the classic Y silhouette.  Named after the iconic New York City landmark, the Empire State Building, which can be seen from the windows of Govner's House New York.  This beautifully designed harness brings new meaning to the words "luxury leather".  Made with genuine Latigo leather, solid brass hardware, and gold trim accents.  All of the materials are produced and purchased in the United States and each harness is crafted and assembled by hand in Govner's New York City studio.  

Two latigo leather straps with solid brass buckles wrap over the shoulders and connect to a 3 inch solid brass ring in the front, center chest.  A third leather strap connects from the chest O ring straight down to a cock ring to create a full-frontal harness.  The two shoulder straps are grounded by another 3 inch brass ring on the center of the back.  A fourth strap made of leather and a brass chain connect the back O ring to the cock ring to complete the full body harness.

  • 1 1/4" inch Latigo leather straps
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Premium Quality materials made in the USA
  • Designed and assembled by hand in New York City

Each item is made custom per order and will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase.



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The Empire Harness is an easy fit with all straps slightly adjustable, both tighter and looser than the average fit.  Each leather piece is made to order.  We recommend you supply your exact measurements using the form below to ensure your piece is a better fit for you.  You only need to supply the measurements for the areas of the body that make sense for this harness.  (note: if you do not supply your measurements we will produce the the harness based on a medium/average fit scale.)

Name *
Supply the appropriate number and description of body part as shown in the image above along with your measurements. Include any additional comments you wish. Tip: for best results, use a fabric measuring tape. If you do not have one, use a shoe string or drawstring to take the measurement, marking the string and then use a ruler to measure the string.